Saturday, July 25, 2015

How to receive my newsletters

Hi everyone!  I'm so excited to announce the LAUNCH of my newsletters!  I just sent out my very 1st one today!  I'm aiming to send these out every 6 - 8 weeks so be sure to sign up so you can receive them too!

I plan on sending pictures of ideas I use in my classroom, tips, maybe something to get you laughing too.  I also plan on sending info on upcoming sales I'm having as well as freebies!  Don't miss out ~ click the picture above to subscribe ~ it's so easy!  Thanks for supporting me and I hope you enjoy my newsletters!  In fact if you sign up now I just sent one out and I have a great freebie in there that will span several grade levels! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

You Tube/Periscope & a Calendar time Tip for you

So Periscope is all the rage right now and I jumped on the bandwagon and have done a few makes me sad that it's only up there for 24 hours.  I wish you could change that in settings and save 2 at a time or something but that's not the point of it.  I have to admit I love seeing everyone's fun personality on it though.  So ~ ~ ~ with that being said I want to tell you about a calendar tip that I put on Periscope that I have now added to You Tube.  If you haven't checked out my You Tube channel I have some fun tips over there you might like.  If you teach K or 1 you will definitely like my newest video for sure so jump on over and see what it's all about.

I hope you are able to watch it and I'd love to hear your thoughts.  xo,

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Made It

I'm switching to a Pirate theme this year and have been busy thinking of buying a bunch of stuff for my classroom.  I went to a conference one year back in like 1997 and I'll never forget what the teacher said in a session.  She said~ always bring the boys in...the girls will follow but reign the boys in first.  Well I haven't really followed that because I'm a huge girly - girl and like pink/turquoise, etc.  I tried a sports theme one year and I hated it. :o(  No offense to anyone I'm sure I didn't do it cute enough but it was just too boyish.  Anyway I'm trying to embrace this 'boy' thing and since I'm in third now I think it's even more important.
 With that being said I made a very CUTE pirate lantern to hang above my library.  I searched HIGH and LOW over for a peach lantern - I just couldn't find the right shade.  Today at the teacher store my hubby saw this burlapish one and said, " I bet this will work!"  I really should listen to that man more y'all.  He's very smart and well....yeah, I just need to listen to him more.

BTW { stay tuned }:  

in the next few weeks I'll be creating more fun pirate ideas.

So, I used:
*burlap colored lantern
*black pleathery material from Michael's
*white & brown cardstock and 
*worn red t shirt I tore up

Final Product:

Join me and link on up with the amazing Tara for a Monday Made It.  I'm sure you are busy creating awesome things for your classroom so why not share them?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Made It ~ first day fun

I'm so loving summer and Monday Made It's.  It's so much easier and a little more motivating { more time on my hands } to join in on this fun linky with Tara.  Why not get some craft on and join us next week?!?  

I love Michaels stores and saw a couple items that got me thinking today.  I saw these very cute chalkboard banner pages... and I thought how cute it would be for a backdrop for a photo on the first day.  Instead of writing on them #idonthavecaracarrollprinting  I decided to purchase cute stickers to use and it came out darling!  Then I thought it would be cute for them to hold up a little sign too that said 3rd grade.  I bought a chalkboard sign and wrote on it with chalkboard pens.

So I can hang this up on a bulletin board and then they will hold this cute sign I picked up at Michaels as well.  

I can't wait for my new batch of third graders to come on the first day, they will be so cute in their first day photos!  Thanks Michaels Stores!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Currently ~ * July *

So you like what I did with that title...get it?!?  A little decoration for the 4th of July...Wow, here we are again for another Currently and I am always amazed at how fast each month flies by... link on up with Farley and join in on the fun!

So I'm listening to one of the housewife shows

I'm loving that we had the BEST little storm this afternoon here in So. Cal and let me tell you ~ we really are in a drought and it was much needed.  I loved every minute of it!

It was awesome!!!  

I'm thinking we have a little getaway before Vegas so I'm double packing tomorrow.  Gotta be ready for BOTH!!!

I'm wanting: my girl went to Yosemite which she and her friends have jokingly been calling it { YOSE - mite } long /i/.  She went with her BFF's family and I'm ready for her to be home!

I'm needing : I have 2 gift certificates from 2 different places from students that I will be using for my mani/pedi - gotta love a bargain right?!!?

All ~ Star: I was a competitive swimmer growing up and I like to think I still got's actually a real problem people.  When I swim laps ( which I do daily )  I can't help myself...even if it's a 15 year old kid I get all competitive.  Hello - I'm 44 yeah, it's a bit of a problem.  I have to keep up with the young ones or it bugs me all day.  Don't worry I'm working on that... LOL

Can't wait to see my peeps in Vegas!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Looking for the flags ~ *faith*

This morning when I was swimming I noticed something and it stuck with me.  If you look at any lap pool or competition pool there are usually sets of flag markers at each end of the pool.  They notify the swimmer that the edge is near and if you are doing backstroke this is a very important fact to know.  Most elite swimmers know their stroke count and can easily come into their flip turn at the wall.  Well this morning only one side had the flags so I began to notice a pattern while I was swimming that got me thinking.  I can easily apply this to my faith but I'm thinking I can apply this to my teaching year as well.

What I noticed even though I've been a swimmer for 35 years was that when I swam one way I swam with confidence, no dipping my head back under water to look for the wall ( while swimming backstroke ).  I would count my strokes and flip into my turn effortlessly.  But ~ as I went back the other direction somewhere around 3/4th of the way there I would fidget, look back underwater, lose the rhythm of my stroke a bit to see the wall.  I finally decided that I would only swim backstroke one direction and do freestyle the other way for a set.  My first thought was this is so much like my walk with the Lord!
When I'm in His word, commited to my daily devotions, praying for situations and others I am confident not looking back, not fidgety - walking close to my Father.  When I'm not doing these things I'm like the backstroker without those flags.  I question myself more often, I am cautious trying to keep myself safe/protected.
If this doesn't apply in your life you can also compare it to your teaching journey I suppose.  My first year or so I was seeking approval, certainly less confident and maybe at times a bit fidgety or nervous. ( especially when being observed ).  Now after 20 years in this profession I feel like I'm swimming down the side with the flags.  I don't need approval, I'm more confident in my abilities - yet still keep my self in check.  When I swim down the side with the flags I'm not so confident that I swim with my eyes closed.  That wouldn't be smart!  I still look for the flags.  Well as a veteran teacher I still keep myself in check.  Am I needing to call an SST on this little one?  Have I followed through on that committe I signed up for?  Yes I'm able to do my job more effortlessly but I still look for the flags to be sure I'm on track and giving my students or my Heavenly Father the best of me!  Where do you fall in this scenario?  Are you looking back without flags floundering a little, are you so confident your eyes are closed or are you confidently still looking for the flags to guide you as you teach or walk with the Lord?

With all that being said:  Here are my tips for a new teacher:

Link on up with Chandra at 

and tell us your tips for new teachers!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Made It

I'm so excited to be linking up for a Monday Made It ~ it's been a while and I love seeing how creative everyone is...for some inspiration be sure to visit:
Tara at 4th grade Frolics to join in on the fun!

So today I have been stuck at home and made just 1 project but - it will be SO much fun for my kiddos so I'm very excited!

I'm switching from an owl theme to a pirate theme this year and I think it will be perfect for my 3rd graders!  My kids and I love to play a game called Trash Can Spelling. { If you haven't heard of it - I blogged about it here }

Anywho ~ I saw this cute idea on pinterest and knew I could use it along with my Trash Can Spelling game.  

All I needed was a :
* cork board
* black duct tape
* red duct tape
* pirate dress up hooks
* 80's style black rubber bracelets
* glue gun/sticks
* scissors

So I cut small pieces of the black duct tape and made a trail like this:

Then I cut 2 pieces to make the X from red duct tape.  I hot glued the hooks on the trail part and there you go!  Simple, fun easy and a #pinterestwin

How do you like it?!?

I'm sure you can incorporate something like this into almost any theme you have in your room.  It's perfect for those 10 minutes before the bell.  Ask kids how to spell words, answer a math problem etc.  If they get it right they earn the chance to throw a bracelet.  They eat this stuff up!