Saturday, October 3, 2015

5 for Friday { Saturday Edition }

I love linking up with Kacey for 5 for Friday! 

Here's a look at my week:

We had DISCO day at school Friday.  I LOVE dress up days!  I had a hard time with disco day I must say.  I think I'm a cross between disco and hippie. LOL

We discussed Mindset and worked on my sweet friend Lisa's Growth Mindset mini book ( freebie ).  It was awesome ~ grab it {here}

I know I've said it before but I LOVE teaching multiplication!!!  I created a rhyme for every fact 1 -12.  I had it bound this summer at STAPLES and we practice almost every day.  They love saying the chants and seeing the pictures.  If you are interested you can grab this { here }

My daughter had her first homecoming!!!  She looked so pretty all dressed up!

Last week we were working on theme:  It's hard to tell from the photo but the skirt has common themes that come up in stories written on it.  I have a brand new pack that came in handy while working on this: Grab it { here }

As you can tell it's been another busy week as I'm sure we all have but I LOVE MY JOB!!!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends. xo

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Currently October

Happy Fall y'all!  I'm so excited it's October!  I love Fall so much!  I just wish the weather would cooperate out here in So. Cal.  It's still so HOT!

Hook on up with Farley and join us!

So this is what I'm up to:

I love Lifetime TV - I never get sick of the movies!  Tomorrow I get to dress up like I'm a DISCO girl!  Swing by my Instagram account to get a look - should be good! 
A month ago we had a hit and run - seriously - and our car sustained 18,000 worth of damage.  Hello - why didn't they total it!  Anyway I'm getting tired of the rental...want my explorer back. :o(
Ready for another holiday - how about you!?!
I need to clean like I'm sure a lot of you too- ugh I want a fairy godmother. 
Lastly my children will always be so beautiful to miracle babies! 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

3000 Follower giveaway

I'm excited to be celebrating a 3,000 follower giveaway on TPT.  I have all the details on my facebook page, but just in case you aren't following me there ~  ONE winner will win up to 30 ITEMS from my store.  A SECOND winner will win $30 from my store.  

I've linked it up so you can swing by and enter - there's lots of ways to win so please join me and thank you for all your support on my journey!!  xoxo

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Character Traits Straight from the Heart

There are so many things I love to teach since making the move up to third grade!  I love teaching character traits, fables, tall tales...I could go on and on.  This lesson comes straight from the heart...

So I pre made hearts on a necklace for each student.  My plan was to have them write 2 inner traits about themselves on it and walk around and have classmates add to it.  This was a big hit.  The kids loved getting up out of their seats and enjoyed seeing what their peers thought of them.  Of course we prefaced it with be positive, everyone has a bad day but think about the good things about your classmates.

Then we wore these proudly after spending a few minutes reading them.  Next I had them decorate a blank head to focus on their outer traits.

We then reviewed the difference between a FEELING and a TRAIT...which in my unit I make sure to address.  I even included a sort so kids understand that someone might be angry after something happens but that doesn't mean they are always angry.  I think that's a very important concept for them to grasp.  A feeling is very different from a trait.

We had fun sharing our hearts and pictures we drew with one added dimples, braces, scars  and freckles so they were accurate.

Later in the day we read : Alexander Who's Not Do you Hear me?  Going to Move!  { And also Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Day } to see consistency in his character.  Then we worked on an external and internal character trait page on him.  We had a blast and learned a lot.  They all very proudly ( even in 3rd grade wore their hearts home today )... I call that #winninginthirdgrade 

If you are teaching on this concept - you can grab my unit on  
{ here }


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Room Reveal ~ Finally!

I'm so excited to finally be sharing my classroom tour with you guys!  I've been in school about a month now and am just getting around to it.

I switched it up this year to PIRATES!!!  I'm having so much fun and I know the boys are loving it too!

I decided years ago to scale down and make my Monday mornings A LOT easier by having just a helper of the day and not 10+ jobs!  They pick 1 friend and they both do everything!  They get to have a pirates seat cover on their chair for the day too!

I love my pirate lantern guy I made this summer and so do my kiddos!

The entrance to my room!

I made and painted this pirate ship over the summer - it's so cute stapled to the back of my bookshelf for my library.

Gah!!!  I'm still printing updated pictures for my Mrs. Moore board!!

Fun piratey library!

I'm lucky enough to have 6 computers, 2 chrome books and an         i pad for my kids!

Whew!  And that is my fun pirated themed classroom friends, I hope you enjoyed the classroom tour!  This year has started off great and I'm excited to see what else is in store...Arrgh Matey!!!

If you are interested in some of the products I used

reading rotation wheel grab it { here }

Pirate pack for decor grab it { here }

Schedule cards for Big Kids grab it { here }

Library Labels - Chalkboard themed grab it { here }

Journal idea starters and prompts grab it { here }

Monday, September 7, 2015

Trashy Crafter STUD earrings = AWESOME GIVEAWAY

Hi my friends ~ Happy Labor Day!  I was so excited when Kimberly from Trashy Crafter asked if I would do another giveaway on my blog for her amazing jewelry!  I have several of her pieces...bracelet sets and a couple pairs of earrings.  It's always a fun conversation piece when I wear them out and about.  
The options are endless ~ most of your well loved classics can be found in the form of beautiful jewelry on their site.  My student's love seeing and hearing or guessing which book was made into a bracelet or earring that I wear.

Here is the most recent pair I received from them:  Dr. Seuss.  I can't wait to wear them for Read Across America Day in March:

I'm so excited to be having a giveaway in which you just have one simple step and you will be entered to WIN a pair of their newer STUD earrings.  This is the lucky pair you will win:  Good Luck and be sure to check out their amazing site:

ALSO if you are interested in buying some or even giving a pair to a colleague to kick off the new year you can purchase them at a special discount ONLY available through my site right now:  
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